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    What is the size of the REMORA 1.0?

    The dimension is 38.5 x 43.0 x 58.0 cm (width x depth x height). The height of REMORA 1.0 is designed to be placed on the floor or with slight elevation for ease of use. It is perfect for putting inside your kitchen, service yards, or sheltered backyards with access to an electricity power point.

    How much organic food waste can I put into the REMORA 1.0?

    The REMORA 1.0 can treat up to 1kg of food waste daily, which makes it suitable for household sizes of 2-4pax. The food waste will be treated and reduced by 80-90% of its' original weight and size to create 0.1-0.2kg of compost.


    How long does it take for the REMORA 1.0 to convert food waste to compost?

    The REMORA 1.0 is able to speed up traditional food composting from 6 months to as fast as 12-48hours. Each food item decomposes differently, and takes different lengths of time to break down, so it will depend on what you buy and eat regularly.


    Can you continue adding new food waste even though the machine is running?

    Yes! You can add food waste anytime to the machine - this is super convenient for your whole family for daily meals and cooking. The composting process will happen throughout the day. Only if you want to harvest the finished compost, you might need to leave it for 48hrs or manually sieve out the finished compost for usage.


    Is there really no smell??

    That's right! There are no smells due to the 3-stage filtration and deodorization of the machine. If there are some smells being emitted, you can click the Deodorization button that increases the frequency of deodorization. You may also need to double check the contents of your food waste - it is very likely that your food waste might be overly wet or you might have thrown in excessively large pieces of food waste that is impacting the efficiency. Composting cooked food waste generally requires a balanced mix of Carbon and Nitrogen in the ratio of 30:1, which means you might need to add more carbon (E.g. fallen leaves, newspaper) that dries out your wet food waste and this will solve any odor issues.


    Does the REMORA 1.0 come with a warranty? 

    Yes we do! We offer a standard warranty of 18 months, covering only product defects. We do not cover damage resulting from misuse, abuse, unauthorized modification/repair, improper installation location etc. This machine is supposed to last under proper usage (but of course, if there is too much food waste generated from your family, maybe you can consider getting two). We are based in Singapore and currently able to serve Singapore only.


    How much power does the REMORA 1.0 need?

    REMORA 1.0 is designed to be energy-efficient for the process of composting, working in tandem with specific microbes to quickly process the food waste into fertilizer. There is a heating element to maintain the temperature at 40°C (optimum temperature for our microbes to have a conducive environment working!)

    The power consumption of REMORA 1.0 is estimated between 60 - 100 kWh / month. Simply plug it in and start composting!

    How much does the REMORA 1.0 cost?

    REMORA 1.0 composter cost SGD999 per unit. We will have occasional promotions to all our existing customers/to-be customers!! Stalk us on Instagram to be updated on the latest deals!!


    How loud is REMORA 1.0?

    When in operation, REMORA 1.0 generates 40dB (decibels). It is just as loud as your dishwasher in operation.


    What is the voltage required by REMORA 1.0?

    REMORA 1.0 works with 220-240V. Just like all your other household appliances.



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