• Sustainability Consulting and Reporting

    Partner us to improve your organization's sustainability goals, food waste and waste minimization practices.

    Sustainability Consultancy

    • Sustainability Reporting
    • Waste Decarbonization action plans
    • Proprietary sustainability framework
    • Feasibility studies of on-site waste management systems
    • Solar PV feasibility assessment and installation
    • Part-time/Contract Sustainability Officer for short projects
    • Government grant proposal preparation (e.g. 3R, ESP, EDG, PSG, ACT)
    School Composter for Food Waste

    Food Waste Management

    • Food waste segregation
    • Feasibility studies of on-site waste management systems (Digesters, Composters etc)
    • Urban farming and composting with automatic composters
    • Customized waste reporting
    • Training on food waste minimization education

    Sustainability Education

    • Training programs on waste segregation
    • Training programs on recycling 
    • User engagement programs

    Past Clientele

    Hay Dairies Goat Farm

    Hay Dairies Goat Farm

    KL Enviro Waste Management

    Canberra Primary School

    Aik Leong Plumbing Construction

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