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    Make your own organic home compost and say YES to waste less


    Do you want beautiful and thriving plants in your home gardens?

    Worried about flies or the smell of manual composting bins?

    Want to make a change to reduce your carbon footprint?


    Maybe it's time for a fun and eco-friendly solution!


    Introducing our classy automated home electric composter that allows you to recycle food waste in the comfort of your home! Say YES to your eco-friendly lifestyle. 

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  • How does it work?

    The REMORA, your personal efficient and odorless food waste recycling and composting companion.

    It revolutionizes your whole home food waste journey by making it so fast and easy to use!
    For those already familiar with traditional composting methods, you will be surprised by how efficient and fast our composter machine can break down your food waste.

    REMORA processes your food waste using microbes of Bacillus strain.


    3 simple steps to compost food waste using REMORA!

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    Throw in your food waste into the REMORA

    • Throw in vegetable and fruit trimmings, leftover or discarded food waste after eating
    • You can do this continuously throughout the day up to the machine capacity
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    STEP 2: WAIT

    The REMORA is going to do ALL the work. Just sit back, breathe and relax

    • Our advanced composting technology at 40°C will speed up the conventional decomposition process from 3 - 6months to <48hrs!
    • The air-tight lid and air filtration technology ensures there is sterilization and deodorization for no odors.
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    Harvest your organic compost after 48hrs!

    • Scoop out a portion of the compost for your little home garden as fertilizer add-ons.
    • Add the compost into your pot and cover with a layer of soil around to feed nutrients to your plants!

    Enjoy beautiful and organic plants in your home!

  • Be the next owner of a REMORA!

  • Features

    The amazing things that makes our REMORA so magical

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    Sealed lid

    Tight seal to prevent 100% of odors or heat from escaping

    Light, soft-close, child-friendly

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    Automatic Mixing Shaft

    Mixes and breaks down food waste after throwing with zero effort

    Stainless Steel, automatic stop when lid is opened for safety

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    Exhaust Air Purifying

    3-stage sterilization and deodorization to exhaust air. Self-generative filter.

    No CARBON FILTER change

    No odors

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    UV Light

    UV Light for sterilization and deodorization

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    Fits in any small flat

    Compact size allows you to fit into small spaces with easy access

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    100% child-friendly

    Accessible even for young children

    In-built safety features

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    Side Handles

    Handles on both sides for easy carrying and moving by 1 person

    Total machine weight: ~18kg

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    18 Months Warranty

    For spare parts and labor charges for manufacturing defects

    Refer to Full T&Cs*

  • You can compost so many things!

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    Rinsed Cooked Meat, Fish, Seafood (limited)

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    Noodles, Rice, Pasta, Clear Soups (limited)

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    Bread, pastries, cakes (limited)

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    Coffee grounds

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    Snacks, chips, cookies (limited)

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    Small fallen leaves and old flowers

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    Newspaper, non-laminated/glossy paper (shredded)

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